Helene Williams - Integrated Arts Pyschotherapist working in Kent

Arts Pyschotherapist & Supervisor working in Kent



Helene Williams

Welcome to Art Psychotherapy in Kent

I am a professionally qualified, experienced Arts and Nature Psychotherapist. I have worked within the NHS and community based organizations assisting adults and children. My aim is to provide a confidential, non-judgemental place for you to explore your difficulties freely.

I also offer Supervsion to counsellors and therapists using a creative approach.

What is Arts Psychotherapy?

This is a form of therapy that uses art media alongside talking as a mode of communication. Using the Arts helps to bring about psychological change.

Art Therapy is not an art class. No previous experience in art is necessary, the art making is about the process not the final product.

Words can sometimes be limiting for emotional experiences and can leave a client feeling misunderstood. The arts offer another way that is more connected to the body leading to a fuller expression of emotions. Visual images are also more likely to trigger memories within the unconscious, which can help the client to have a deeper understanding of their issues.

Art has the potential to transform lives and often in profound ways; research is demonstrating that art improves not only our quality of life, but also is effective in reducing pain, fatigue and stress and increasing cognitive abilities and emotional well-being.